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NEAR GREENVILLE in LANDRUM, SC - Of course, the best possible Greenville SC lodging value is on every couple's minds for their romantic Greenville SC couples getaways . Most Greenville mountain getaways will turn out "okay" in one of the many Greenville bed and breakfasts out there. However, you'll actually need to look outside Greenville for the ultimate Greenville SC lodging experience... it's very close by at The Red Horse Inn in Landrum, SC!

What? That's correct. The Red Horse Inn offers a better Greenville SC lodging value than most Greenville bed and breakfasts because we don't ask for ridiculous sums of money to hand over our award-winning attention to the multitude of important romantic details that really make your romantic Greenville couples retreat memorable. Even the best Greenville bed and breakfasts can't provide the Greenville SC lodging experience that you'll enjoy here. So try the other romantic Greenville inns some other time. Meanwhile, enjoy the difference for yourselves as you...

Take in Reedy River Falls during your romantic Greenville retreat, and turn in later at your "better-than-the-best-Greenville-bed-and-breakfast."

Behold a wonderful performance at The Peace Center or The BI-LO Center, and come back that night to one of our "better-than-the-best-Greenville-romantic-cottages."

The city's museums can also be a memorable part of your romantic Greenville SC anniversary retreat... an ideal event for romantic Greenville SC couples getaways.

The bottom line: as wonderful as some Greenville bed and breakfasts can be, the ultimate Greenville SC lodging experience just isn't quite "ultimate" in a Greenville bed and breakfast... you need to look in nearby Landrum, right here, at the Inn!

Why Us?

  • Amazing Reviews
  • Flat Screen TV
  • Hot Tubs!
  • Romantic
  • AAA 4 Diamond
  • Pet Friendly

Waterfalls and Wineries

Enjoy a day of adventure while hiking to some of the most scenic waterfalls in the area. Wrap your day up with a trip to Vitoria Valley Vineyard for some wine and food!

Slish, Splash Zip Lines and The Past

Get ready for adventure! This adventure gives you information about a local vendor that does white water rafting and zip lining in the Green River Cove. Plan ahead by making reservations directly with Green River Adventures.

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Covered Bridges

South Carolina is filled with interesting and little know places that are sure to intruge you. Did you know that there are still covered bridges in the Upstate and Blue Ridge Mountains? This Adventure will take you there!

Wineries and Waterfall

This Adventure shouldn't be confused with the Waterfalls Adventure. This is for the "wine" minded couple seeking to sip on wine at beautiful and romantic wineries in our area. With four wineries and one waterfall you day will be filled with fun and relaxation.

If you're looking for adventure while staying at The Red Horse Inn you are sure to find it.

Choose one adventure per stay. Enjoy this self guided day trip with your loved one.

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